20 Easy Ways To increase traffic to your website 2020

What is that one thing that you would love to have as a business in this highly competitive modern market? More customers. Right? One sure shot way to see your revenue graph achieve heights is by bringing More traffic to your website.

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20 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

Here are 20 simple and FREE ways that you can use to boost your website traffic:

1. Incorporate Video Content Marketing:

As trends are changing, people are Prefering more and more video content over textual content. By adding video content to your website, you attract and actively engage your site visitors. As humans appeal more to graphics and videos, by incorporating videos to your content marketing strategy, you will be able to grab and hold your audience's attention and boost website traffic simultaneously.

2. Conduct a competition analysis:

If you want to succeed at bringing quality traffic to your website, you should keep a close check on your competitor's activities. There are several online tools such as SimilarWeb, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, etc. that help you analyze your competitor's website performance. This way, you can figure out the strategies that they have put in play to be successful.

3. Adopt online advertising:

This is one of the most obvious ways. Advertising tools like paid search, display advertising, and social media advertising will help you in increasing brand awareness and attracting more people to your website in less time. However, before you begin with your online advertising campaign, it is important to be clear with your advertising objective - do you want to increase traffic to your website? or are you looking to increase conversions also?

Even though advertising online is easy, it is suggested that you do your research and understand the pros and cons of every paid channel.

4. Get on social media:

Having a website and producing great content is not enough for bringing more visitors to your website. Instead of waiting for your target audience to find your content, you need to reach out to them. One of the best ways to do this is by getting on social media channels and promote your content there. However, make sure to alter your content according to the social media platform. For example, while Twitter is known for micro blogging, Instagram is a more picture-centric platform.

5. Cater to your audience's preference:

Your mantra should be to keep your audience in the center of your every content marketing strategy. Adhere to the fact that your target audience might consist of people who are searching for detailed pieces of content, while others might hate reading altogether! Therefore, repurpose your content piece to make it appealing to different kinds of your target audience. You can write an article piece and turn it into a video clipping for your non-readers audience.

6. Start guest blogging:

One of the sure-shot ways to ensure more traffic is by guest blogging on a reputable website that can increase traffic to your website and help you in branding your business simultaneously. Make sure that your guest blogging content is exclusive and plagiarism free. If you indulge in spamming tactics while posting a guest blog, it could result in stiff penalties.

7. Invest time in getting your headlines right:

Headlines are the first thing that catches the attention of a reader - headlines have the potential to either make or break your first impression. If you don't get your headlines right, your article will go unchecked no matter how comprehensive it is. Therefore, it is necessary to master the subtle art of headline composing.

8. Work on your On-page SEO:

You cannot avoid SEO if you want your website to flood with visitors. There are many on-page SEO elements that you should work on to get the visibility your website deserves. Work on elements like image alt text and meta description, create internal and external links to new content. Note: Working on building backlinks is still an important SEO element.

9. Target long-tail keywords:

Even though you should target short-term keywords, it is the long-tail keywords that will increase your chances of getting more traffic to your website. Generally, people use long-tail keywords while searching for a query online. This helps in filtering out those online customers that are actively looking for someone like you and are more likely to convert into your paying clients.

10. Build internal linking:

Unlike what is generally believed, the strength and popularity of your website are not only determined by the number of sites that link back to you, but also by how efficient your internal linking structure is. While creating content for your website, make sure to find opportunities for internal links. This will not only be a best practice from the SEO perspective, but it will also lead to a better user experience which is the epicenter of increasing website traffic.

11. Invite guest blogging:

Guest Blogging can be a two-way thing. Just like you do guest blogging on other blogs, you can invite people in your niche area to do guest blogging on your website. These guest bloggers are likely to share and link to their guest articles. This way, it could bring new readers to your website. Just be sure that you clearly define your guidelines that strictly states that the content should be original without any spammy links.

12. Analyze and monitor your data:

Instead of executing every possible marketing activity that will bring traffic to your website, use tools like Google Analytics to get detailed information about your website such as the most popular web pages, visitors' demographics, etc. to filter your marketing strategies. Keep a check on the posts and pages that are becoming a hit among your target audience. Inspect and analyze the data to see how, when and from where your site traffic is coming from.

13. Referral traffic:

Instead of convincing other websites to link back to you, create informative and detailed content that naturally gets linked to. Instead of just trying to build backlinks, focus on creating content that brings referral traffic to your website.

14. Start posting on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is more than just a job-searching platform. In recent times, it has grown to become the largest professional social networking platform. This being said, you should post fine content to your LinkedIn profile daily. By doing so, you can increase your LinkedIn profile's reach within your niche industry and come out as a thought leader.

15. Implement schema microdata:

Even though implementing schema will not necessarily improve traffic to your website on its own, it will become convenient for the search engine bots to search and index your pages. Also, another advantage of using schema for SEO is that it facilitates rich site snippets that can positively impact your click-through rates. You can hire the best SEO Agency in India that can take care of your technical SEO professionally.

16. Don't underestimate email marketing:

Many businesses are so focused on adopting modern methods like content marketing for acquiring new customers that they forget about some of the most successful traditional methods like email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful tool to attract more site visits only if you use this tool strategically. You should draw a thin line between informing your audience about the important happenings in your niche and bombarding them with every little update about your business.

17. The importance of a responsive website:

In this smartphone-driven world, more people access the internet via their mobile devices. Therefore, if your website's design forces your visitors to zoom in and awkwardly scroll horizontally, you will push your prospects away. To improve customer experience, make your website accessible and responsive - ensure that it perfectly fits a range of devices of different sizes. By taking the external help of a professional website designing company in Delhi, you can achieve a responsive website in no time.

18. Site load speed time:

Considering that the evolution of the internet has made the online consumers grow impatient, if your website takes forever to load, your bounce rate will increase manifold. If you want to withstand your competition successfully, you would want to work on the load speed time of your website. Optimize every web page, the image file sizes, the structure and functionality of other plugins, etc.

19. Build a community:

People love to talk about the things they are passionate about. By building a community on your site, you will be able to engage with your target audience. You can implement this by creating a forum where visitors can ask questions and start a conversation on your niche.

20. Engage in the comment sections:

You probably check out websites, blogs, and forums that are relevant to your niche area. Right? If yes, then you should consider joining the conversation. By giving suggestions, insights, and thought-provoking comments on your niche blogs and websites, you will come out as an expert professional in your area. Even though commenting on other's posts does not quickly boost your traffic, it surely improves the traffic slowly and gradually. Make sure that you give engaging and relevant comments, instead of dropping spam comments with links to irrelevant websites and blogs.


Because the online competition is increasing, getting the attention of your target audience might seem like a difficult task. However, by staying consistent with your marketing strategies, and if needed, taking external help of the Best SEO Company in Delhi India, you will eventually achieve good quality traffic.

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